Friendly football match between mixed teams of foreign citizens in Craiova

On April 25, 2021, the Craiova Regional Integration Center together with the volunteers organized a sports day. A friendly football match between mixed teams of foreign citizens (third country nationals) took place on the Extensive Stadium in Craiova, aiming at integrating the migrants through sports and recreational activities. The event created the context for socialization between the beneficiaries, allowing them to participate in the activities within the project. On this occasion, people worked together, colleagues and old friends were brought together, and new friendships were created. 

The participants also exerted their competitive spirit, teams were created, and the excellent combination of strategy and luck guaranteed fun and relaxation for all the players. 

The participants from Afghanistan, Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Albania, Serbia together with the Romanians formed mixed teams and socialized during the match breaks. Through the event, they had the opportunity to interact with those around them, to develop their sports abilities, to cooperate and to develop their teamworking skills in a multicultural team.