The Regional Integration Center in Craiova organized a gathering for henna tattos. Two friends, both students at the Medical University in Craiova also presented a small part of their beautiful culture, Indian culture.  

Beneficiaries watching a nice documentary in Oradea

On 28.02.2019, the International Integration Collection Centre Filantropia Oradea, hosted a relaxing evening get around for foreign citizens, to watch the documentary that went around the world, The Untamed Romania. This evening helped us all to share our experiences and enjoy the beauty and the complexity of Romania. This event was organized as part of the project “Integration NOW – […]

Calligraphy time

On Saturday, December 8, 2018, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Office in Romania, organized in partnership with the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI) and the PiArt Vision Agency, the ‘Calligraphy time’ project, whose beneficiaries were children from families of refugees who are now learning the first words in Romanian, words like “home” or “sun”. The project, already in the […]

Prevention session – District 2 Local Police

On Wednesday, October 17, District 2 Local Police of Bucharest, held at the Regional Integration Center in Bucharest, a session of legal education and an interactive presentation of the applicable law in Romania for the beneficiaries of the integration project.   Together with the beneficiaries, the agents reviewed the rights and responsibilities of persons on the Romanian territory, the prevention […]

The Snapshots from the Borders Workshop – an event of involvement and information regarding migration addressed to civil authorities and civil society in Constanța

The Novapolis Association – the Center of Analysis and Initiatives for Development in partnership with the City Hall of Constanța organized Wednesday, October 10th 2018, an activity and information workshop, addressed to the institutional actors and NGOs in Constanța that have attributions or are involved in the integration of migrants and refugees.   The Snapshots from the Borders Workshop, “Snapshots from […]

Horezu Trip – Craiova Regional Integration Center

On Saturday, October 6th, the beneficiaries of the Regional Integration Center in Craiova visited Horezu, Vâlcea County. The familiarity with Romanian customs and traditions for foreign citizens is an important aspect for their integration in Romania. The visit to Horezu meant getting familiar with the specific Romanian artisan activities in the area, by visiting a traditional craftsman who presented to […]