Culinary evening at the Regional Integration Center Craiova (CRI)

The Regional Integration Center from Craiova organized on May 11, 2021, together with the center’s volunteers, a cultural activity called the Culinary Evening. The purpose of the event was to culturally integrate the beneficiaries of the project through non-formal methods.

On this occasion, the beneficiaries developed culinary knowledge, discovering traditions and dishes specific to countries such as Afghanistan, Morocco, Serbia, Jordan, Yemen, Albania, Syria and Iraq.

Each nationality participated in the decoration of the event space, as well as in the food preparation. The Serbs prepared the traditional Serbian cake with biscuits, sweet cream, raspberries and cream, the Afghans prepared a traditional dish called Kabuli Palaw, which is composed of steamed basmati rice mixed with raisins, carrots and beef. The Jordanians made Mansaf, their national dish with meat cooked in a dry fermented yogurt sauce and served with rice.

The Syrians cooked Yabrak, meaning cabbage rolls made with vine leaves, prepared from minced meat mixed with rice, potatoes, carrots, pomegranates and various oriental spices. The Moroccans prepared Tajine, a Berber dish, named after the dish in which it is cooked. The ingredients of this dish are: rice, peas, potatoes, meat, pumpkin and pepper. They also prepared a tuna salad, a beef soup and a garnish made of chickpeas and eggs.

The Iraqis prepared a traditional cake from coconut, cardamom, almonds, Oreo powder, flour and rose water. The Albanians prepared Tave Kosi, a national Albanian dish made from meat and rice with a mixture of yoghurt and eggs. They all sang and danced traditional dances specific to their countries of origin.

This event was attended by 25 beneficiaries (TNCs and BIPs) and volunteers of the project from Afghanistan, Morocco, Serbia, Jordan, Yemen, Albania, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq.