A trip to Turda Salt mine

Romania is not always easy to discover, but, for sure it’s worth it! 50 people that participated in the trip to #SalinaTurda and #GradinaBotanicaClujNapoca on 23.03.2019 can confirm how awesome Romania really is! The trip was organized by Regional Integration Center Filantropia Oradea within the European project: “Integration NOW – Complex and Unified Approach of Migrants” – FAMI /

Beneficiaries watching a nice documentary in Oradea

On 28.02.2019, the International Integration Collection Centre Filantropia Oradea, hosted a relaxing evening get around for foreign citizens, to watch the documentary that went around the world, The Untamed Romania. This evening helped us all to share our experiences and enjoy the beauty and the complexity of Romania. This event was organized as part of the project “Integration NOW – […]