The quarterly coordination meeting in Cluj (Third edition), March 2017

THE THIRD QUARTERLY COORDINATION MEETING has had as a maine discussion topic the access to education, specifically, the issues and situations in which or due to which obstacles are still encountered in learning the Romanian language, major legislative barriers. Present during the event were members of LADO Cluj, CSCM, intercultural mediators, MigraNet volunteers, representatives of public institutions among which DASM and AJOFM, representatives of organizations with activities in the field of migration (UNHCR, PATRIR) and foreigners with legal residence in Romania, respectively.

Following this meeting, LADO Cluj will put together all the ideas and information in a legislative proposal based on solid arguments to modify some of the aspects of the Government decision 44/2004 in regards to the integration of foreigners and Annex 1 of the Ministerial Order 5924 in regards to the organization methodology of the Romanian language courses.

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