The third quarterly coordination meeting on the integration of migrants in Region 2 was held in Vaslui

World Vision Romania Foundation, as a beneficiary, alongside the Novapolis Association – Center for Analysis and Initiatives for Development – Partner – 1 and Center for Civic Resources Association Constanța – Partner 2 have organized, Thursday, 2nd of March 2017, the quarterly coordination meeting with the public authorities and other relevant stakeholders with responsabilities in regards to the integration of the beneficiaries of international protection (BPs) and third-country nationals (TCNs) from Region 2: Constanța, Tulcea, Brăila, Vrancea, Bacău, Vaslui și Galați.

During the event, the participants have expressed their view points and have brought into discussion important aspects regarding the integration of migrants in Region 2, exchanging views on topics such as: dificulties and solutions regarding the integration of migrants at local level, the skills and intercultural abilities, the development of partnerships and local support networks in order to support the integration process of BPs and TCNs in Region 2 – results and progress of the INTEGRATION + project.

Specifically, the third quarterly coordination meeting has created the opportunity for the institutions, authorities, social partners and NGOs present during the event to analyse the current situation in regards to the migrants integration process in Region 2 and to reflect on their contribution, as well as on the best working practices and directions of action regarding immigration and the integration process of BPs and TCNs.

The event has been hosted by the Vaslui County Council and it was organized as part of the project ”INTEGRATION+”: Services and assistance for the migrants in Region 2”, financed through the National Program – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (contract reference number: AMIF/15.03.02), which has a duration of 12 months and a total value of 1.469.247.47 lei.

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