Regional conference of the project „MigraNet – regional network for the integration of migrants”

In 26/01/2017 a Regional Conference was held as part of the project „MigraNet – regional network for the integration of migrants” (FAMI / 03.15.04).

We would like to thank everyone for attending the meeting, for the presentations, which were very helpful and punctual made on the project’s overall objective, for the interventions we had on some of the barriers regarding integration.

Suggestions and proposals for other projects, quality improvement for now and for the future are taken into consideration and we hope that together we will be able to form that coalition of institutional and organizational actors who can only lead toward good results.

Present at the event, were some of the public institutions (General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI Cluj),AJOFM Sibiu , our partners DASM Cluj – Social and Medical Assistance from the city hall), representatives of organizations and associations ( our partners ASSOC Baia Mare, Cultural Association Romanian – Arab Jerusalem, Latino – American Community „ Mosaico „), intercultural mediators, volunteers from the project, beneficiaries directly interested and involved in their own process of integration, and also the mass media was present being represented by TVR Cluj – Transylvania polychrome team.

Thank you again for the involvement of all actors with responsibilities in the field of migration, without forgetting, also, to award a special attention to the migrants because they trust us and believe in change.

We hope that our collaboration will become more productive and sustainable, not just to check if we did something or not during the projects, but to grow and learn from migrant communities while we support them in the process of familiarization with the Romanian society.

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