REACT_RO – Educational resources for migrant orientation and Romanian language courses

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Office in Romania, in partnership with the Intercultural Institute in Timisoara and the Schottener Social Services Foundation, implemented REACT_RO: educational resources for learning the Romanian language and cultural accommodation of the Beneficiaries of international Protection (BPs) and of the Third-Country Nationals residing in Romania (TCNs) from July 2017 to January 2019.


The project aimed to contribute to the development of a coherent package of educational resources for learning Romanian as a foreign language and orientation in society that takes into account the needs of BP and TCN in Romania.

The educational resource package includes the development of a curricular framework of Romanian language books for adults and children, developed considering the language skill levels (beginner level A1- A2.1, intermediate A2.2 – B1.1 and advanced B1.2-B2 .1, accompanied by specific workbooks for Romanian language teachers and learners and materials necessary for the assessment of competencies.

As far as the orientation in society is concerned,  educational tools (a training course for trainers, a training manual for trainers, a guide for BP and TCN) were developed within the partnership, with intensive and interactive teaching as well as related assessment tools. A video material was also produced to synthesize the contents of the BP and TCN guides.


The implementation of these resources involved experts from the Ministry of National Education, as well as foreign experts. The project formed groups of trainers, both for Romanian language learning and for cultural accommodation, covering in a balanced way all regions of Romania and testing the resources developed for 6 months, contributing to their quality assurance.


The project was funded through the National Program – Fund for Asylum, Migration and Integration through the General Inspectorate for Immigration within the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania.

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